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Hotel Villa San Juan

Is Alicante – San Juan my Destination? Four Clear Answers

Is Alicante – San Juan my Destination? Four Clear Answers

What we are searching for when we choose a destination? What kind of things we need to satisfy when we have some days-off?

There are several answers, but we want to use this blog to explain you four answers to four questions that will convince you of the “power of simplicity”.

I want to relax. What do you offer?

We answer with another question: do you know something better than a summer walk, going barefoot on the immense beach of San Juan of about 8 kilometres length?

I usually like enjoying local gastronomy. Is it good in this region?

Alicante is the city of rice, it is affordable and with unique types of our region.

I like the beach but, all day long, all the days of the trip?

We are located on the city centre, that means you can enjoy everything at every season of the year. We are very close to the city centre of Alicante, only 8 km, that means you have all the leisure pursuits you need in a cosmopolitan and nice city.

I like culture, do you have a good cultural offering?

We have a diverse and ever-expanding cultural offering, you can visit museums MARQ and MUBAG or the Castle of St. Barbara.


Added to all these strong points, you have a hotel with a daily mission: to achieve that the highest number of people can enjoy our wonderful region. Sometimes, we have to travel far away in order to admire the great beauty we have nearby.

Alicante never fails.

Natxo Ivorra

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