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Hotel Villa San Juan

Hotel Villa San Juan

Welcome to the blog of Hotel Villa San Juan, where we will inform you about the best leisure activities in San Juan de Alicante and in the city of Alicante in addition to event schedules and complete guide books with all the places you must visit during your break in the region of Alicante. Hotel Villa San Juan has just done a complete alteration. With it we want to offer the maximum comfort and all the necessary services to our guests for a daydream lodgement.

We are your best option for your break in Alicante

Shrewd tourism is our core idea. We have a challenge: to achieve that the highest number of people can enjoy our wonderful region, you deserve it. We want that you feel everything: our beaches, our gastronomy, our leisure… a range of possibilities. If you choose us, we will be the key element that makes your trip perfect, and we will achieve it with a clean and useful lodgement and reasonable prices.

We are looking for regular guests, not temporary guests. Due to this, we are concerned about the best lodgement for the lowest price. And we care about it with our hallmark: a family atmosphere, a personalized treatment and we are constantly improving by using active listening. Our location is key: we are located on the centre of San Juan, surrounded with all comforts and we are 2.5 km from the beach of San Juan and 8 km from the centre of Alicante.

If you are the type of person that looks for “best options”, make yourself at home.

Hotel Villa San Juan – the hotel that loves people

We like people. Internet has its advantages, we are in a very important historic moment that will affect everything and it will be studied like a landmark in our history that started a new era.

We are conscious of it and we are happy that new technologies make life easier to the traveller: it will help him to share experiences and knowledge.

From our point of view, Internet must be a key that endear us to the guest, to his necessities, his favourite experiences and his tastes. Internet serves for humanize. The advance in technology does not mean anything without a humane side, a team that takes the traveller in, knows the surroundings and has a high degree of hospitality. That is the reason why we like to define us as the “hotel of people”, because we want to improve your experiences, we want you feel at home and you repeat the visit…

A team directed towards the fulfilling of the CHALLENGE. At your complete disposal.

Listen to the guests – More than a simple sentence

It is essential, a current and constant thinking. All companies and businesses pay attention to its customers, or they say that they do it. We are sure about it: we apply active listening, we need the opinions of our guests, they are the only way to improve the experiences that we offer and to be sure that they are in accordance with your needs. But this is not a façade, we believe in continuous improvement.

Fresh orange juice in the breakfast, the possibility of check-out at 2 pm, the discounts if you make a reservation for a long stay, the best price guaranteed if you book through our website, a vending machine and POWERFUL AND FREE WI-FI are some examples of our attitude.

And it will continue… we have a complete renovation of one floor planned for 2018, we will inform you about it. It will have a practical and cosy style, fruit of your contributions and comments in our channels.

And this does not stop, it is not planned, it is always in constant evolution, we need to listen to you, we want to last in time. Hotel Villa San Juan, next to you, close to everything you need.


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