What to Do in San Juan de Alicante

Discover the Spectacular Tourist Attractions Around Hotel Villa San Juan

Playa de San Juan de Alicante


If you are looking for what to do in San Juan de Alicante, without a doubt, you must visit one of the most symbolic beaches of the region of Alicante. The beach of San Juan is only 5 minutes by car from Hotel Villa San Juan and there you will enjoy a real paradise of fine sand, transparent water, beautiful and quiet walks, leisure pursuits and an atmosphere that we are sure you will love.

San Juan de Alicante


Hotel Villa San Juan is located on the centre of San Juan de Alicante, a town with a diverse range of cultural and architectural points of interest that will really enrich your day. Churches, towers, shrines and buildings with historical value in addition to a diverse range of cultural pursuits organized by the cultural centre will make San Juan de Alicante a daydream tourist destination.

Ciudad de Alicante


The charm of the city of Alicante is its appearance, its image. It is said that cities in front of the sea are special, Alicante starts from the sea. Explore a sea of experiences and Mediterranean light at any season. The nerve centre of leisure is the street called “Explanada de España” and this is only the starting point of leisure pursuits. Alicante and all its cultural, gastronomic, shopping and nightlife offerings are waiting for you only a few minutes by car from our hotel.

Terra Mítica


Hotel Villa San Juan is located only 20 kilometres from one of the most important amusement parks of the country. Terra Mítica offers an unforgettable journey in time through the most spectacular attractions as well as a lot of shows and outdoor pursuits to entertain children and adults. You have to visit Terra Mítica during your break in San Juan de Alicante doubtlessly.

Paella Valenciana


If we talk about gastronomy of Alicante, there is a very important word: rice. With the handpicked rice, the freshness of its ingredients, the frying pan used to cook it and the advices of grandmothers we can regard it as the best dish. You must reserve to taste a good rice during your trip. Welcome to Alicante, the city of rice.

Noche de San Juan


When we think about local festivals and popular traditions in Alicante, firstly we think about June, the month of the Hogueras de San Juan, and when the party does not stop from 21st to 29th June. Painted figures made of cardboard and stone, fireworks at the beach, music and lots of fun are all around, which means a full schedule with leisure activities for the tourist.